Pop Howard’s Sugar-Free Glee – 2 Pack


  • An original, gluten-free, no-MSG & KETO friendly product of Howard’s Meat Center, Klamath Falls, OR.
  • Flavor: A smoky and savory combo your taste buds will appreciate!
  • Purpose: A tasty rub, without the sweetness, to spice up any meat or vegetable.
  • Unique: A one-of-a kind rub and seasoning that will have you coming back for more.
  • Tradition: Our family has 3 generations in the meat trade with extensive use of Sugar Free Glee.


Pop Howard’s Rubs are timeless classics that are amazing on any cut of meat or vegetables. Started as small-purpose rubs and seasonings in a family owned butcher shop in Southern Oregon, Pop Howard’s has become a household name and staple within the region. We have decided to share it with the world.