Our products our simple to use and do all the heavy lifting for you. Apply our Marinade to any cut of meat and let it soak; the longer the soak, the stronger the flavor. Or, throw a little in your vegetables and cook in the flavor. The possibilities are endless.

The same goes for our rubs. Rub on any cut of meat prior to cooking or sprinkle a little in your guacamole or vegetables for a wonderful flavor. No more trying to figure out what spices to use to flavor your meal, just try one of our products and let it do all the work.

Check out our videos to see how simple it is
Pop Howards Secret Marinade Video
Sugar Free Glee
Fiesta Fever Guacamole
Howard's Seasoning BFast Sammy's
Sugar Free Chicken and Risotto
High Fiver Chicken BLT Wrap
Fiesta Fever Chicken Fajitas
Fiesta Fever Chicken Fajita Quesadilla
Sugar-Free Glee Mac n Cheese
Fiesta Fever Santa Fe Salad

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