We love this on all meats! Turns out fabulous every time!

– Kim

I hated barbecue sauce until I tried Pop Howards! This is so deliciously savory. Not sweet like other barbecue sauces. My husband likes to say it would make cardboard taste good! I’m so glad it’s now available here, not only for our convenience, but so others can enjoy this delicious marinade!


Pops Sauce is one of my all time favorites. It is so versatile with how or what you can use it with. It ALWAYS makes things taste amazing every single time. We try and share the secret with everyone we can! Since we live in Alaska now I am beyond ecstatic that I can purchase this on Amazon.

-Jenna (long time customer)

Great on all grilling meats! Love this stuff! I put it on all meats. My favorite to add it too is steaks and Chuck roast. You let that marinate for like 24 hours. It will melt in your mouth with flavor!

-Mike (found our product on Amazon)